Finishing Your Gates

Garden Passages offers a complete array of options for finishing your gates ranging from one coat to four coat systems.  Deep penetrating stains are available in approximately twenty standard colors as well as unlimited semi-custom and full custom colors that can be combined with custom top coat applications.  Specialty UV-Set, faux, and “metal look” finishes are also available.  All finishes use professional exterior grade products with proven commercial rated performance.

Premium Stain

The most popular options for finishing your gates used by Garden Passages are our premium stains which give a rich and high quality look to your gates.  These stains can be mixed and matched to create the perfect custom color to match or compliment your home and yard.  Maintenance on these gate finishes can be done on varying levels depending on your personal preferences and desires.  Many customers spray and wipe down their gates once a month with Orange GLO or a similar product to maintain the flexibility and appearance of the stain.   This process generally takes less than 1 minute per gate.

Premium Paint

Many customers choose this option for finishing your gates when they are trying to perfectly match an existing color or appearance on their home.  Generally, paint requires slightly less maintenance than stain, but it also covers the rich and interesting wood grains that stain allows you to see.  Premium Paint is only available in white, off white, or similar light colors.  Dark color paints result in overheating of the wood underneath when in direct sunlight.  This overheating causes the wood to release excess gas and oils resulting in the bubbled, cracked and generally poor appearance of many outdoor painted items.  If you wish to have a dark paint Garden Passages will do a Paint to Stain match that will give the same appearance without the issues associated with dark paints.

Paint to Stain

A Paint to Stain gate finish allows you to get a dark paint like appearance without the harmful effects of dark paint.  Stain allows for gases and moisture to move through it, making it breathable, therefore you do not suffer from the buildup of gases that often causes bubbling and cracking in paint.  Once you have selected the paint color you like, Garden Passages will use the paint code and brand to have a premium stain custom made that matches it.  On full service premium gates and designer gates Garden Passages can help you select the exact color that will work perfectly for your gates.

Two Tone & Faux Painting

Garden Passages offers two tone and faux paint options for finishing your gate for your specialty designer gates and premium gates project.  Please consult one of our designers regarding this process, the associated costs, and any limitations that may exist.