Old Gate Gallery

We have recently updated our website. While the ultimate goal is to provide you with additional and improved information, we understand that many of our customers may be looking for the old styles that were listed in various galleries.  Please review the collections below of our old website galleries to help you locate the gates you are looking for.   When referencing these gates please be sure to mention their complete name, such as “Designer Wood Gate #H1,” not simply”#H1.”  It may also be helpful to mention that you are looking at the old website galleries.

If you cannot locate the style you are looking for on this page or other pages of our website, please visit Garden Passages on Pinterest to see even more examples of our custom wood gates.  Thank You!


Here are all of the previous gates from the DIY Wood Gates gallery.


Premium Wood Gates
Here are all the options from the previous version of Premium Wood Gates


Designer Wood Gates
These are the previous gates shown under the Designer Wood Gates section.