Ordering Your Gates

First you must decide if you are a Full Service or Do – It – Yourself customer.

Do – It – Yourself customers will provide all information to Garden Passages and will be managing the finishing and installation of their gates on their own. Please review our Do – It Yourself Wood Gates Page for more information on this program and to see if it is right for you.

Full Service customers will have Garden Passages manage their project including: final measures, hardware attachment, and installation.  Most customers interested in a Premium Wood Gate or Designer Wood Gate from our website will be following the Full Service path.

If you have any questions about how best to proceed, please Contact Garden Passages and we can help point you in the right direction.


How to Order: Full Service Wood Gates

Full Service customers focus on two aspects of their project: design and function.  Garden Passages will work with you to design a gate that fits the form and function you are looking for while addressing the various benefits, concerns and costs of all your options.  The most important part of ordering your new custom wood gate is Contacting Garden Passages.  We are happy to walk you through the entire process once you contact us.  You can also review the below steps for a general understanding of our typical process.

  1. Contact Garden Passages: Please Contact Garden Passages to briefly discuss your project and make a showroom appointment (most common) or request an email quote.
  2. Collect Your Information:  The more information you can provide us the more accurate our quote can be.
    • Measurements: These ensure accurate pricing and design information, but Garden Passages will conduct final on-site measurements for all full service customers.
    • Pictures:  Showing Garden Passages pictures of the opening can help us address possible issues in our initial discussions and quotes.
    • Design Theme:  Choosing a design theme (ie: craftsman, tuscan, or modern) before meeting with Garden Passages can expedite the process and is required of customers looking for email quotes.
  3. Visit Our Gate Showroom or Email Us Your Information:  Please be sure you Contact Garden Passages to insure a designer is available to meet with you.
    • Showroom Quotes:  Garden Passages highly recommends that all customers make an appointment and visit our showroom to get their project started.  Visiting the showroom will allow us to design your custom gate from the ground up based on the exact form and function you desire.  There are hundreds of options for each style of gate, especially when considering decorative and functional hardware.  Customers who visit our showroom are also typically eligible for any ongoing promotions and discounts.
    • Email Quotes:  Garden Passages understands that visiting the showroom may be difficult for some of our customers.  In certain situations we can provide quotes via email, but due to the number of options available we cannot provide design advice or services via email.  To receive a quote via email you must first Contact Garden Passages and then email us with the dimensions of the opening, picture(s) of the opening, and a sketch or picture of the design you are interested in.  Be sure to include any specific needs such as pool safety in the email.  Please Note:  Customers must call Garden Passages first as our email addresses are not publicly available on our website.  Email quotes are often limited to one style of gate.  Customers looking to compare costs between multiple styles should make an appointment to visit our showroom and meet with a designer.
  4. Confirm Your Order:  Once you have received a quote from Garden Passages let us know if you would like to move forward with the project or if you have any questions for us.  Once your gate is ordered Garden Passages will:
    • Schedule and Conduct on Site Measurements and Finalization
    • Build and Paint or Stain Your Gate
    • Schedule and Manage the Installation of Your Gate


How to Order:  Do – It – Yourself Wood Gates

The ordering process for your Do – It- Yourself Wood Gate depends on your knowledge and understanding of what you want and need.  Follow these basic steps to get your gate ordered and be sure to Contact Garden Passages ahead of time if you have any questions.

  1. Review our Do – It – Yourself Wood Gates Page to help get a better understanding of the process.
  2. Collect Your Information:  DIY Wood Gate customers are in control of their project, Garden Passages can only provide basic design help in showroom and does not provide any measuring services for DIY Wood Gates.
    • Measurements: Height and Width of the opening.  We recommend checking the level of the walls, the width of the opening at multiple points, and checking the slope of the ground.
    • Design:  Choose a design before meeting with Garden Passages.
  3. Contact Garden Passages for Quote(s): Please Contact Garden Passages and speak to us about your project.
    • Showroom Appointment:  Garden Passages recommends that all customers make an appointment to visit our showroom and meet with a designer.  This is the best way to get questions answered and expedite the process.
    • Email:  Customers who are confident with the DIY process or have extensive experience may be able to do the entire process via email.  Please Contact Garden Passages to discuss your project and to get our email address.
  4. Approve Final Drawings and Send in Payment:  Once you have approved the final drawings with dimensions and provided payment Garden Passages can begin constructing your new gate.  Typical orders are ready for pickup within 2-3 weeks of the approval and payment date.